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Grok Search embarks on a transformative partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur

21 Feb 2024

Grok Search, a distinguished executive search firm is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Recruitment Entrepreneur, a global leader in recruitment industry investments.

Under the visionary leadership of Roopa Sharma, who has carved a niche in specialised hiring with over 18 years of experience in esteemed global firms like Korn Ferry, Futurestep, and Accord Group. Roopa's commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships and connecting organizations with top-tier talent aligned with their goals has positioned Grok Search as an executive search nonpareil.

This collaboration marks a significant step for both Recruitment Entrepreneur and Grok Search, bringing together global expertise and local insights. Roopa Sharma's passion for challenging the mind and innovative initiatives aligns seamlessly with Recruitment Entrepreneur's mission to support and empower recruitment entrepreneurs worldwide.

James Caan CBE, Founder and Chairman of Recruitment Entrepreneur, expressed his excitement about partnering with Grok Search, stating, "Roopa's vision and Grok Search's distinguished approach to executive search make them an ideal partner for us. We are eager to bring together our global network and Roopa's local acumen to create transformative solutions in the recruitment industry."

Roopa Sharma, in response to why Grok Search chose to partner with Recruitment Entrepreneur, stated, "The idea of a specialist firm backing my vision of creating a brand with global stature was the impetus to partner with Recruitment Entrepreneur.
What sets this partnership apart is also having TekWissen, a specialist human capital, recruitment and IT services organization with a global footprint, as our local ally in India, alongside Recruitment Entrepreneur, ensuring guidance from experienced industry experts to make this venture a success from the word go."

Grok Search's collaborative and tailored approach to each specialism positions them as a strategic partner capable of addressing unique talent challenges. The partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur enhances this approach, combining the services of an established executive search with the speed and agility of a new-age start-up. "We act as the client’s brand ambassadors, so not just the job description, but the narrative is also very important," added Roopa Sharma. "This partnership allows us to modulate work and services on demand, achieving multi-fold growth in a shorter timeframe."

As the collaboration between Recruitment Entrepreneur and Grok Search unfolds, the industry can anticipate ground-breaking solutions, unparalleled service, and a steadfast dedication to catalysing positive transformation in the recruitment arena.

Both entities are enthusiastic about the forthcoming opportunities and are resolute in leaving an enduring imprint on the global recruitment landscape.

About Grok Search:
Grok Search is a premier executive search firm based in India, dedicated to delivering talent solutions to our global client base. With a profound commitment to understanding and mapping business requirements, Grok Search stands as a reliable partner in the pursuit of exceptional talent. Our diverse specializations cover Digital & Technology, Professional Services, RFC, Legal & Investments, R&D, and Engineering across a range of industries such as Financial Services and Insurance, Consumer and Industrial, and Healthcare & Life Sciences.
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About Recruitment Entrepreneur:
Recruitment Entrepreneur is a global leader in the recruitment industry, founded by James Caan CBE. RE empowers recruitment entrepreneurs by providing funding, support, and expertise to help them build successful businesses. With a track record of success in nurturing recruitment start-ups, RE is committed to driving innovation and excellence in the industry.
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About TekWissen:
TekWissen Group is a world-leading specialist in professional recruitment and consultancy services. Our footprint is global, spanning across 7 countries (USA, Canada, Australia, India, Philippines, UK and Netherlands), we’re able to work in close partnership with organizations to manage everything from global accounts with demanding resourcing strategies to single sites with lower recruitment volumes.
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